This page is an official historical site.
It was made long ago when Steve had two eyes and Shawn had hair.
These were the images that took the nation by storm.
The links have been updated to work but the original photos and comments
are the same except for a snarky blurb at the bottom.
The new hemo2homo page is at

* historical society committee association
working for a fuller experience in the bonus round

A straight boy hemo pozzie
and his pozzie homo pal
and their immaculate perceptions.

We haven't begun construction yet on this site,
but we do have some pictures of His Hemo-ness.

Ashamed of his pozzie status, the young hero hides his face in shame.

Then suddenly he dons his new Hemo2Homo shirt and breaks into pozitoid laughter
as he realizes he has a destiny to fulfill in a planet of negatoids.

So, he sits at the homo's computer and begins planning his rescue of Planet Earth.

Be sure to visit Shawn Decker's "My Pet Virus" Website!

*(Now his website is called But there's a mystery.
On his arm, "positoid" is spelled:


If any sharp-eyed readers can tell us why this is,
the historical society committee association would like to hear from you.

Notice too, that since these photos were taken,
"My Pet Virus" suddenly became the more urbane
and cyber-friendly,
The historical society committee association
makes note of this without prejudice or judgment.

* historical society committee association