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*Note: I just changed my address to a POP3 account instead of an alias and I promise to respond to every email (even though it might take me a week or two), unless told otherwise.


Voice Mail: Yes, I have my own voice mail. Yay me. 1-877-888-5909 ext. 759

Leave me a message if you have something desperate to tell me (or if you just want to have fun, I don't really care) and if you leave your email address I'll email you back.


Other: Yes, I have AOL (the real thing, not that skimpy IM program) and ICQ--I block on both. I have a multitude of email aliases, is one of the most common. It goes to my AOL account and odds are I won't answer email regarding the Sparky letters from my AOL account, so send it to my POP account.


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