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February 6, 1999: Being Sick Is...; A Poem

dear sparky,

being sick is...

being sick is being trapped
trapped in a bed
covered with laura ashley sheets
and a pillow with stars on it

being sick is signing online
checking emails
and bulletin boards
when i really should be sleeping

being sick is breeding pill bottles
and sometimes forgetting
which ones have been taken
and which haven't

being sick is going to sleep
in lots of pain
and waking up
in more

being sick is drinking lots
of gatorade
when what i really want to drink
is pepsi

being sick is watching sappy movies
about people living lives
because for this moment in time
i'm not

being sick is not having
the energy
to read your favorite book
or even watch tv

being sick is getting tired
of telling people
that today was another
bad day

being sick is griping
about anything
and everything
and expecting people to listen

being sick is forgetting
that there are
days of the week
and weather

being sick is having slaves
people to wait on me hand and foot
and i'm gonna miss them
when i'm healthy again.

--katie hess

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