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Places To Go
Gratuitous Steve Link I do not link to Sparky because I HAVE to. I link because I love him and everything about his journal. Especially the archives.
Other Bonusround Members
Dickie's Theory I love Dickie's Theory. Mainly because it introduced me to the man himself, Dickie. Who has since because one of my closest friends and confidantes. But the theory is fascinating reading, truly.
Jimmy's Sunday Sermons I can honestly say that I learned more about the Bible by reading Jimmy's sermons than by what little mass I attended as a child. I love Jimmy, I'm his illegitimate daughter...
Shawn's Letters To Steve I was an avid fan of Shawn's Journal before it was discontinued so I'm thrilled that he's taken up new residence here on Bonusround. I love his letters and I'm sure that if I knew him I'd love him.
Other Journal Sites
Mark Bakalor Mark will stay up with me until all hours of the night while I iron out my html or CSS. I consider that the markings of a true friend. Go read his journal. Why? Because I said so...
Laurie Memory And Desire. I knew if I kept the link up long enough she'd be back--and she is, new and better than ever. Go read... Now.
Gennie Intermood. I enjoy Intermood, it's one of the journals I just recently discovered but I enjoyed it enough to bother bookmarking it for future visits. I enjoy the layout a lot.
Chris Oddities... I discovered Chris from Laurie's journal. Then I got interested in what was going on in his life. I now read the journal regularly and enjoy it immensely.
Katie digital ink. My friend Mark actually alerted me to Katie's journal. He called her the "Other Katie" and I began reading her. I've been following the journal longer than I've been following the others and I enjoy her honesty. She's also the only one who hasn't, at one point or another, taken a break from journalling.
Lizzie Bad Hair Days. I've been reading Lizzie since her "Dear Jackie Robinson" days (I think that was the name of it, it's been a long time). Then I re-discovered her and then re-discovered her again, in every incarnation she's fantastic.
Other Random Places
Karen I adore Karen. She's my closest friend and I love all of the TLS stuff on her website... and her journal "Just Sayin'" 'cause it's so very Karen. This is Gail's site. I've been visiting it since it's inception. If you ever have a question about the bennytour cast of RENT go to Gail's site.
The Complete REM Lyrics Archive This site has been in my bookmarks longer than anything else. I used to print out the lyrics and paste them to my wall. If you ever wondered what in the world Michael Stipe was singing then this is the place to go (or if you want to be like me and memorize all of the words to "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)")
Zug I don't really know what exactly Zug is. Sort-of an online magazine/journal for middle-aged computer geeks. I am truly addicted to it though. Zug's humor never fails to send me into fits of laughter at 3am.
The Complete Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episode Guide When I became a Buffy fan this is the first site that I visited. It is impossible to be a fan of this show and not have this site bookmarked.
Red Moon Zero's Spike site. My favorite Spike site ever and Zero's a pretty cool person herself.
The Ebola Zaire Fan Club Be afraid. Ebola fans are congretating. I found this site back when I first got on the internet and it's easily one of my all-time favorites.
The Barking Spider One of the best humor sites I've found. It's list on ways to annoy your roommate circulated through my high school faster than who got drunk at who's party over the weekend. For everything else, there's dogpile. It's the best search engine in existence. Hands down and bar none.
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