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Encouraging patient/doctor/caregiver communications


Note About The Letters

Created By: Katie and Steve. Everything but the Introdution to the Letters on the main page was written by Katie.

Best Viewed With: A 4.x+ browser. I just recently redid the site and I utilize a lot of Cascading Style Sheets. Netscape reads some of the properties a bit strangely though. I couldn't help it... I need my CSS.

First Entry: Connected: An Essay. I wrote the Essay after seeing The Last Session in Laguna, CA. I promised Steve that I would send him an email detailing my reaction to the show and instead I wrote a whole essay--Steve and I became friends and he eventually asked me to join his bonusround.

Regarding Email: I am a horrible email-responder. It's practically legendary... if you send me an email and don't receive a reply within a month then you might want to resend it because odds are I was saving it with the intent to respond and AOL swallowed it. I apologize about this habit profusely but try as I might, I cannot change it...

Regarding The Site: I originally had a text-only layout but once I learned to love Photoshop I made the logo you see at the top of every page. I'm probably going to leave that as the only graphic on the site and just use CSS properties to make things look spiffy.

Regarding The Letters: The Letters are not in the conventional online-journal format. I don't update as often I would a journal and I rarely discuss the day-to-day workings of my life. I write a Letter to Sparky when I have something on my mind and I need to talk about it... I will often go weeks without writing a letter and I have no or very little remorse over this. This is not a conventional journal site and should not be treated like one.

Please keep in mind that the site is constantly evolving--Everytime I upload a new Letter I tweak some section of the site or add new ones. When Steve gave me the space I had no idea what I wanted to do with it--as I work with it, ideas pop into my head and I still don't really know what I want to do with this space. I'm having fun and that's all that matters.


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