Latest News on The Last Session

The Last Session has completed its run with the Currican/Playful Production team and will open off-Broadway at:

THE 47th Street Theatre (at 8th Ave.)

Previews are scheduled to begin Oct. 9th and the opening date is set for October 17, Friday night.

Tickets will be available soon.


Stephen Bienskie is Buddy.
Dean Bradshaw is Jim.
Amy Coleman is Vicki.
Grace Garland is Tryshia.
and Bob Stillman is Gideon.


Jim Brochu (Playwright/Director)
Steve Schalchlin (Music & Lyrics)
Michael D.Gaylord (Vocal Arrangements)
Michael Gottlieb (Light Design)
Eric Lowell Renschler (Set Design) (Additional members to the creative team will be announced here soon).