photos-zephyr.htmlTEXTttxt 99# Bonus Round Photo Album - ZEPHYR THEATRE

Steve Schalchlin's
Bonus Round Photo Album

This is Buddy and Vicki at their stands.

Gideon begs Jim to let him finish the session.

Tryshia tells Jim she always comes in
when the red light is on.

Marjorie Graue makes her entrance as Vicki.

Buddy shows Gideon his CDs.

Gideon leads the others in the a cappella verse of "Preacher and the Nurse."

Buddy begins to sing "Friendly Fire" with Gideon behind him.

Buddy sings "Friendly Fire" with Vicki & Tryshia as lethal back-up singers.

This is Steve as Gideon. If you look closely, you can see the wrap on my arm which is guarding the intravenous port. This is the image used on the "Living In The Bonus Round" CD and the inside fold-out of the cast album.

This is the whole production team with cast.

Everyone watches Chip Esten as Buddy singing "When You Care." You can see that I had gained a little weight by then, but I was still very thin.

Producer Ronda Espy, Steve, Jim, & Producer Irene Oppenheim of Firehouse Productions pretending to get "the big call."

Curtain call at the Zephyr.

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