The Last Session
Potsie Story

Picture the Emergency Room at Santa Monica Hospital. There I am hooked up to all kinds of meters and bottles, wearing an oxygen mask, looking like warmed over death. Jim is sitting near me hunched over wondering if this was going to be "it" for me.

Suddenly I looked over my toes (remember I was flat on my back) and there in the doorway was Anson Williams from "Happy Days." While his wife was being treated for something, he asked me what was wrong. I meekly mumbled something. He said, "What?"

Then I said the "A" word for the first time, "AIDS!" Except I didn't say it. I screamed it.

He was very nice. He came over and told me to hang in there, that all healing starts in the mind and that I had to keep a positive attitude.

I knew at that moment that I had to survive. Under no circumstances was I going to let the last celebrity I ever saw be Potsie.

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